Channel Islands Live-a-Board 2017

July 23, 2017 – July 26, 2017 all-day
Channel Islands
Jack Millard

There are spaces still available on our 2017 Channel Islands

dive trip on the Conception. This trip will again be for 4 days

from Sunday, July 23 to Wednesday, July 26. This year we will head back to Catalina for the warmer water and (hopefully) the Giant Black Seabass and dive sites at Ship Rock and Farnsworth Banks. There are always a few hunters and photographers/videographers on our trips, but this is a trip for everyone so we will go where the conditions are best for general diving.

Member cost is still only $625.00. This annual trip is our biggest fun(d) raiser for the year and an excellent time for great diving and to get to know all your Dolphin buddies a little better. Bottom time is limited only by your nitrogen loading and how many times you want to dive. If you are a new diver this is probably the best way for you to hone your skills while diving with your more experienced club buddies. The scenery along the islands is so beautiful we are often joined by non-diving family members. The crew takes excellent care of us and it is unbelievable how good the food is coming from the tiny galley.

You can make deposits, payments or payoffs any time, but hurry because space is limited. I’ll tell you more at the meetings and in the “Bubbles”. When you sign up I’ll also send you information about the specifics of the trip and what you can expect. You can check the club website for previous trip reports in our archived Bubbles.



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