Thank you for your interest in becoming a Dolphin Divers of Sacramento member! You have several options for completing your application:

  1. Download application, by clicking the link HERE, then click the download button in the upper right corner. You may complete (either by hand or via MS Word) and mail to P.O. Box with your check or bring to an upcoming meeting. *Credit card payments are accepted in person via Square with your paper application.
  2. Complete the online application below. Once you hit submit, you can make your payment online via Square. DDS does not keep or maintain your credit card information.
  3. You may submit your payment online separately from the application by clicking HERE

Dolphin Divers of Sacramento Online Application

Dolphin Divers of Sacramento, aka “D.D.S”. or “the club” is a not-for-profit social club registered with the United States IRS as a 501 ( C ) ( 7 ) social club. The club operates under a set of bylaws on file with the State of California and is managed by a group of volunteer Board members that are elected by the membership annually.  The California State Legislature has written laws that protect the Board members from most legal actions. D.D.S. does not carry any insurance of any kind for any member.

As a member of the club, you are responsible for your own actions and safety. Some events or activities the club sponsors may present some risk to your property and person. You are responsible for your own actions while getting to, participating in, or returning from these events. D.D.S. is not responsible for your actions, training, or equipment, -you are. Some club events are held at facilities or locations that have their own set of rules or procedures. You are expected to follow these rules or procedures.

By signing this application, you understand that you are responsible for your own actions and the actions of those you are legally responsible for. The D.D.S. Board has the authority to deny or revoke this membership.

ATTENION RENEWING MEMBERS!! Due to the lack of events in 2020 (thanks COVID), the Board of Directors has agreed to forego 2021 membership dues for anyone who paid for 2020 membership (thanks COVID!). However, we still need you to complete the 2021 membership application and send it in. When finished with the application, click SUBMIT. The next page will be the payment option. YOU CAN CLOSE THAT PAGE.

*If a renewal, member only needs to fill out information that has changed.
Membership year begins April 1st.