First, I want to thank you for wanting to share your photos with other DDS members and the rest of the world.  I also want to thank you in advance for helping me with the photo upload process. The process is very time consuming for me especially when there are several hundred photos to sort through from different people at a huge event. Just think, at Labor Day, there were half dozen or more people taking photos of the same thing from different angles. If everyone sent me all their photos, then we could easily have several hundred photos and not only is it time consuming to upload them, but people would get bored looking through them.  SO… In order to help facilitate the upload of event photos for everyone’s enjoyment, there are a few things you can do to help me out:

  • Please get your photos to me as soon as you can. Often times if I know there were several photographers at an event, I will wait until I have everyone’s photos before uploading them so the longer you take, the longer I take.
  • Please don’t just download your photos off your camera and then send them ALL to me. Please take a few minutes to go through your photos and delete blurry or bad pictures.
  • When going through your photos, weed out duplicates. If you took several pictures of something, pick 1-2 of the best ones and send them. For example, there is bound to be a lot of dancing photos from the Christmas party. Pick out a few of the pictures that are interesting (someone doing something worth sharing) and don’t send more than 1-2 generic group photos.
  • Reduce your photo files size to 640×480. If you don’t know how to do this, or don’t have and easy way to do all of your pics it all at once, don’t worry about it, I do. But if you DO know how, please help out by doing it for me.
  • DON’T rename your files to something fancy. They will all be named the same thing. Or if you REALLY want to rename them, name them the event and your name (LaborDay_Holly) in case they get mixed with other people’s pics. I will still rename them though.
  • All photos will be watermarked with “Dolphin Divers of Sacramento” on them.
  • I will do my best to give you credit for your photo on the Flickr website in the individual photo description.  If you want to ensure that you get credit, please watermark your own photos before sending them.
  • When you are ready, submit your photos via email or cd/flashdrive to Renee Viehmann.